Something Zesty

Something Zesty

Ginger, fig & lemon.
What is this?

Something Zesty is a sparkling water made with real ginger, lemon juice, dried fig and a little bit of sugar. It's good. You should try it.

What's in this?

Mineral water, ginger, lemon juice, sugar, dried fig, lemon peel, citric acid & sodium benzoate.

What does this pair with?

Something Zesty pairs well with disco balls (if you don't have access to these you can diy with a sequin dress and a flashlight connected to a rotisserie chicken spinner) and pressing play on Salsa Dance Hits 2016.

Fun Fact

Figs are known to be one of the oldest fruits on earth, but that's not all! Figs are actually inverted flowers. How? Inside of figs are clusters of flowers and seeds (AKA inflorescence) pollinated by tiny wasps from the inside.

Get it in a
  • gluten free
  • non-alcoholic
  • vegan
  • small batch
  • caffeine free
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  • Mineral Water.

    We use only the finest BC water.

    Our mineral water provides the base, body and a hint of saltiness to Somethings.

  • Real Juice.

    We use real fruit juice. We don't use "natural flavouring" or "essences", meaning that the flavours on the label actually match what's inside of the can (totally new concept!).

  • Sugar.

    Yes, we add a little bit of sugar.

    We do this so we can leave out the artificial sweeteners, while making sure they don't taste like ass.

It's good. You should try it.