The Making of Something

It all started with James Baluster, the founder of Something.

James made a simple beverage. A sparkling water with real fruit and a little bit of sugar.

After getting turned down by his local Save More grocery store because his product was not 'marketable' James got in touch with TruFruit Marketing to make stuff. After some back and forth about the recipe and the use of real fruit instead of natural flavouring, Something became something.

A few cease-and-desist letters later, James decided to push forward.

Unfortunately, X-Tract Essence Corp. threatened him because of some unflattering comments he made about natural flavouring.

So now, James has to package the stuff. That's when he gets a hold of Art.

A graphic designer who lives in his mom's basement. Art created some, let's be honest, not great designs. So James sought out the advice of his 24 year old niece, Becca and her design agency Bloodsport, to try and take a stab. Things still weren't looking quite right so out of complete desperation, James installed Altruss, an AI generative design software on his computer to give it one final go.

Pressure was mounting from all sides.

In the end, James took a little bit from each iteration to pull Something together.

In summary, James was able to make a good drink that he liked, using real fruit juice, which helped put Barry at TruFruit’s kids through college (real fruit/real dough).

And he may have had to move into his mom’s basement, but at least he have a product he was proud of. And living with Art isn’t so bad (FYI ferrets are filthy animals).

So please, implore your local grocer to stock Something today and taste it for yourself.

"Turns out, making something out of nothing was a bigger endeavour than I thought."

James Baluster, Something Founder

It's good. You should try it.