Frequently Asked Questions

It all starts with James Baluster, the founder of Something Company.

James made a simple beverage. A sparkling water with real fruit and a little bit of sugar. After getting turned down by his local Save More grocery store because his product wasn’t ‘marketable’, James got in touch with TruFruit Manufacturing to make the stuff. After some back and forth about the recipe and the use of real fruit instead of natural flavouring, Something became something.

Then he had to package the stuff. That’s when he got a hold of Art, a graphic designer who lives in his mom’s basement. Art created some, let’s be honest, not great designs. So, James sought the advice of his 24-year-old niece, Becca and her design agency Bloodsport, to try and take a stab. Things still weren’t looking quite right so out of complete desperation, James installed Altruss 2, an AI generative design software, on his computer to give it one final go. Et voilà!

You can find the long, arduous version here.

Art would be delighted to hear from you and you can find his website here (FYI his usual response time is 15-20 business days).

Some may say that, sure, but would you cook with no salt? Or would you upend an entire cup of salt to every dish you cook? Hopefully for the sake of your guests, you fall somewhere in the middle.

We applied the same principal to our tasty beverages and left out the artificial sweeteners, but also made sure they didn't taste like ass.

If you live in or around Vancouver, you can get Something delivered to you the same day you order it!

Click here to see our Delivery & Shipping Policy. Right now we're only available in Canada.

We had to hide this one at the bottom of the list because we're hoping Big Flavour won't make it this far.

We're gonna be real with you: "Natural flavours", "essence" are tricky little ways that allow companies to hide some less than real ingredients in their products. ‘Natural flavour’ is made in flavour factories to make artificial taste ‘real’. Big Flavour might be trying to pull the wool over your tastebuds, but we’re not. We like to be transparent here at Something so we've used real life juice.

We can't speak any further on this matter as James is already dodging a few cease-and-desist letters from X-Tract Essence Corp. threatening him because of some unflattering comments he made about natural flavouring.

If you need a helping hand we are here for you day and night.

Say hey here!

Whenever! Already had your five coffees for the day? Decided alcohol is yucky? Have a little Something instead!

here goes nothing

Infrequently Asked Questions

No. Art did campaign for his ferret, Ronald, to be our mascot, but he was deemed too "creepy" and "smelly" by Becca and the Bloodsport team.

Someday Something may have a storefront!

It will be easy to find once we open because there will be a trail of wacky waving inflatable tube guys along the highway leading you to us.

Oh, for sure.

Did you know that an "immortal" jellyfish exists? The Turritopsis dohrnii has the incredible ability of leaping back in it's development process when harmed!

We'll leave you to Google more information because we only have so much room and time to devote to jellyfish on our juice water website.


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